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Iroquois Point Elementary School: Spent the day on campus visiting all 34 classrooms. The goal was to look for positivity in every room. I made a four-minute iMovie and spoke to the entire staff.

Hawaii Conference of Seventh-Day Adventist Schools - "What School Could Be" workshop.

Kamehameha Schools Hawai`i Campus launch of innovation task force.

Traveled to Tokyo and Fukuoka, Japan, to coach teachers, deliver two keynote speeches and teach a demonstration class at a girls' high school.

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Two amazing professional development days and collaboration with the Canoe Complex on Maui. Ted Dintersmith, author of "What School Could Be" and Executive Producer of the film "Most Likely to Succeed," offered his support, creativity, and inspiration. I presented on Shadowing Students.

Facilitated Maui’s first Global Issues Network Conference with inspired and empowered high school students.

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Receiving an award of appreciation from Ted Dintersmith (on the right), Executive Producer of "Most Likely to Succeed" and the recently published, "What School Could Be." Also present was Josh Reppun, a former teacher, now a specialist at Apple Ala Moana and MLTS Ambassador.

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Research & Development visit to Presidio Hill School in San Francisco with the Keala`ula Team from Kamehameha Schools.

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Working with these folks at the Àha Kūkā: A Gathering Around Skills, Habits, and Dispositions at Ewa Makai Middle in Hawaii is a great privilege. Seven hours of hard work by 10 Department of Education, charter, and independent school teams, facilitated by this gang. Inspiring, exhilarating, moving, and kids’ lives will be hugely impacted.

Dr. Rob Evans and Dr. Michael Thompson

With NuVu Studio Founder Saeed Arida


At High Tech Hih with Founder Larry Rosenstock

Dr. Yong Zhao

Education 2.0

Gallup Strengthsfinder training with the Bonner Leadership Cohort at University of Hawaii Hilo.

Cambodia Bicycle Program

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